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Can You Get Punitive Damages in a Car Accident Case?

August 12, 2021 / Car Accidents

Following an accident with a negligent driver, here’s something you may be wondering -- can you get punitive damages in a car accident case? While your first concern is the health and safety of yourself and those you love, at some point you may want to consider pursuing those punitive damages in addition to damages for injury and p

¿Se puede demandar por dolor y sufrimiento luego de un accidente automovilístico?

July 20, 2021 / Car Accidents Spanish

¿Se puede demandar por dolor y sufrimiento luego de un accidente automovilístico? En Texas, la respuesta es «sí». Si resulta lesionado en un choque por la negligencia de otro conductor, usted puede demandar por el trauma y los daños físicos y emocionales que está padeciendo. Esta demanda es independiente de la solicitud de in

What to Do If a FedEx Truck Hits Your Car

July 6, 2021 / Car Accidents

Online shopping and home deliveries have increased the number of delivery trucks on the road on any given day. FedEx, one of several delivery services in the United States, is reporting significant profits during this time, but they are also struggling to keep up with delivery times as promised. The result, unfortunately, is that dri

How Much is My Car Accident Settlement Worth?

December 31, 2020 / Car Accidents

People who’ve been injured in car crashes may wonder “how much is my car accident settlement worth?” The answer to this question is different for every car accident case. How much a car accident settlement may be worth depends upon all the circumstances involved. Some accident settlements are worth thousands of dollars, some te

Can You Sue for Pain and Suffering After a Car Accident?

December 17, 2020 / Car Accidents

Can you sue for pain and suffering after a car accident? In Texas, the answer is “yes.” When you are hurt in a crash due to another’s negligence, you can sue for compensation for the physical and emotional pain and trauma you’re feeling. This is in addition to asking for reimbursement for doctor bills, hospital expenses, drug

How Do You Determine Who Is at Fault in a Car Accident?

December 10, 2020 / Car Accidents

When a car accident happens, finding out who caused it is key to getting compensation for your injuries. But how do you determine who is at fault in a car accident? Determining fault in a car accident can be very complicated. Many drivers involved in accidents don’t admit fault. And as a driver involved in a crash, you shouldn’t