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If you’ve been hurt in a car wreck, you have certain rights. Our job is to make sure they are protected. The hardworking and experienced attorneys at the Hanna Law Firm understand the emotional and physical devastation that follows a serious car accident. We use our track record of successful outcomes and thorough understanding of Texas state law to fight for the money you need to pay your bills and rebuild your life. All you have to do is focus on one thing: recovery.

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What If My Car Is Hit by a Truck?

If you spend any amount of time on the road, it’s impossible to miss the legions of commercial trucks rumbling across the state. Considering that an 18-wheeler can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and most cars weigh in at about 4,000 pounds, it’s not surprising that when a car is hit by a truck, the car and its occupants are at the greatest risk of injury and death.

Truck drivers and carriers are bound by strict rules regulating driver qualifications, how long the driver may be on the road, maintenance schedules, and load weights and how they are secured. But pressure to deliver cargo on time and minimize costs may tempt truckers and their employers to skirt these rules, putting the public in danger.

At the Hanna Law Firm, we understand how a commercial truck accident differs from other car wrecks. We know the state and federal laws that commercial trucks, like 18 wheelers, have to comply with. We will find all the responsible parties and hold them accountable.

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A vehicle wreck is a traumatizing experience under the best of circumstances. And it can be financially devastating if you don’t have a good lawyer representing your interests early on. Having a car accident attorney on your side does not mean that you will have to go through a lengthy court case. In fact, the vast majority of claims are settled outside of the courtroom. The expense and uncertainty of a trial isn’t in the best interest of you or the insurance company.

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At the Hanna Law Firm, our entire team is knowledgeable and passionate about serving our clients. We understand the difficulties you are facing in the aftermath of your wreck and are always happy to take the time to answer your questions and concerns.

We will strive to win you the full amount of compensation you deserve through negotiation with the insurance company. And, if necessary, we will take it to the next level and fight for you in court.

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