Why You Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

You may have already heard from a friend, co-worker or your employer that filing a claim for workers’ compensation in Texas is simple. You just need to fill out some paperwork, get your employer to sign and go see a doctor. In an ideal world, this is all that would be needed. Unfortunately, you may need to hire someone to help you work through the process, because sometimes complications can arise that will delay your benefits or you will find that you’re offered less than you need. That’s when you need to hire an experienced workers’ comp lawyer.

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The State Denied My Workers’ Compensation Claim – Now What?

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The workers’ compensation claim process is primarily administrative. An employer and employee fill out some paperwork, turn it in, and someone makes a decision about your future based on those pages. When the employer disagrees with you on some issue, there are some pathways to resolve the issue. This is the time you should think about hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney for help.

In Texas, you have a few things you can do to deal with the disagreement. The first thing you should do is ask a workers’ compensation attorney with experience in dealing with the workers’ compensation program in the state. Ask our workers’ comp lawyers at the Hanna Law Firm about the process. We have been helping clients in the West Texas area for years to get the money they deserve for their injuries.

Another avenue is to ask for a Benefits Review Conference. You and your representative can meet with other parties to your claim in an attempt to resolve the problem. The meeting will be led by a state employee called a Benefits Review Officer, and it will be similar to mediating a dispute.

Another option is to have a Contested Case Hearing. This process is less administrative and more like a judicial hearing. An Administrative Law Judge will hear evidence from both sides regarding your case. You should have a representative with you to make a case for you.

The next step is an Appeals Panel. If you are unsatisfied with a decision at this level, you may ask for an appeals hearing before a DWC Appeals Panel. The appeals panel will review your Contested Case Hearing and decide whether it agrees with the judge’s decision.

If the Appeals Panel agrees with the Administrative Law Judge, then you may need to file an appeal with the district court.

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At the Hanna Law Firm, we can help you with any of these processes to get your workers’ compensation claim resolved, your medical bills paid and some money in your account. We know the workers’ compensation system in Texas well. Our attorneys have successfully litigated cases for clients and won justice for many, whether they work in the oilfields of Texas or drive the trucks that service them. Call us at 432-606-2378 for advice on handling workers’ compensation claims, denials, appeals and whether or not you can successfully sue an employer or their insurer when they don’t want to pay.

Suing Employers for On-the-Job Injuries

Can You Sue Your Employer When You Have Been Injured at Work?

If your employer subscribes to the Texas workers’ compensation program, you may not sue them for damages if you are injured at work, unless you have previously waived participation and retained a right to sue.

You may sue employers who do not participate in the workers’ compensation program (these employers are non-subscribers). You can sue employers if they intentionally cause your injuries. You can also sue a third party who might have been involved, like someone who made faulty heavy machinery for use on an oilfield or construction site.

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Your first step in getting a fair and just amount of money for your work-related injuries should be to call a workers’ comp lawyer in Abilene with the experience in the field and the passion for justice that we have at the Hanna Law Firm. We have helped thousands of people over the decades that we’ve been in business to get what they need to recover from a workplace injury. We’ve taken on some of the biggest employers in the biggest industries in Texas and have been able to do what’s right for our clients.

We know your goal is to get back on your feet and get back to work. We want to be a part of your recovery team. We will do that by putting you at ease that you will be well-taken care of if you let us help. We will ask for the compensation that best fits your situation. We can negotiate a settlement from a position of strength or be ready to battle in court. Call us today at 432-606-2378 to find out how we can help you.

Kinds of Compensation Available in a Work Injury Lawsuit

You will be entitled to various kinds of compensation if your employer is responsible for your injuries at work.

Economic Damages

  • Medical Benefits – payments for hospitalization, treatments, medication, devices you might need, rehabilitation therapy you would need, as well as any money you’ve already spent or any miscellaneous costs related to recovering or treatment for the injury

  • Lost Wages – For the time you were out of work due to the injury, you’d get some of the wages you would have earned if you were able to work.

Non-economic Damages

Payments to you for injuries not easily calculated. These are commonly known as damages for pain and suffering, loss of consortium or other negative effects the injuries have had on your life.

Punitive Damages

If your employer was reckless in making sure your workplace was safe, avoided warnings regarding the safety of the workplace or intentionally caused your injuries, a court may award you punitive damages. This is to sound a clear warning to employers that they can’t hurt other people by sloppy work or trying to save money at the expense of the employees.

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If you have been injured at work and you need help with medical bills, call the Hanna Law Firm as soon as you’re able. We help people whose employers do not participate in the Texas workers’ compensation program to get fair compensation for their injuries and lost wages. We know the difficulties caused by missing just a few days of work, and we know how expensive medical care is in this day and age. We want fellow Texans to know that there is someone fighting for the workers. So call our workers’ compensation attorney today at 432-606-2378 and find out how we can help you.